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About Aspiedent

Aspiedent is a community enterprise company (CIC) whose main aim is to improve the employment situation for autistic people. At Aspiedent, we believe that autistic people have a lot of offer the workplace, the economy, and the country as a whole. We are making a dent into the belief that autism means incapability by projecting a positive message about autism and employment. Aspiedent is passionate about helping people with and without autism appreciate each other, to improve employment prospects and quality of life for people with autism, and to help people gain an appreciation of difference.

Aspiedent provides revolutionary ‘Understanding Autism’ training about Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Autistic people think differently and sense the world differently. They have just as much a place in the world as anybody else and can make highly valuable employees.

Our training is highly interactive with innovative exercises to help you to put your new knowledge into practice and to ensure that you retain what you have learned. The focus is on understanding and being able to see the world from the autistic point of view. We use novel models of autism to explain how and why the symptoms of autism occur and to explain the breadth of autism and autistic experience and how this relates to people without autism. We show how these models can be employed in helping to identify the issues that an individual faces. Once there is a good understanding of the issues it is much easier to design tailored adjustments and interventions.

Unlike most organisations that provide services around autism, Aspiedent is run by Dr Elizabeth Guest, who has autism. Elizabeth uses her research skills and experience to design and deliver training that focuses on the autistic experience of the world rather than the non-autistic experience of the autistic world. Feedback is that Elizabeth's approach is much more helpful when it comes to working out how best to deal with autistic people.

Our People

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Elizabeth Guest

Elizabeth founded Aspiedent in September 2014. She has had extensive teaching experience at University level and holds a PGCHE (post graduate certificate of education) and a PhD. Elizabeth is Autistic, and has developed novel models of autism based on current research. These models, unlike any others, can help employers, manage autistic staff easily.

Elizabeth has developed autism understanding training for non autistic people which provides a different perspective of autism. She has also developed novel social skills training for autistic people, delivered from the autistic perspective.

Elizabeth is absolutely passionate about helping as many people with autism as possible be able to work once they have completed their education.

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Jen Blacow

Jen acts as Communications Manager for Aspiedent, providing support and assistance to Elizabeth where necessary and helping to manage customer relations. She does most of the marketing. Jen has had experience working with children and adults who are disabled.

She gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Sport and Recreation Development, and is interested in applying physical activity in order to improve people's lives. Jen was a Personal Trainer for five years, working closely with a wide range of people, including people with disabilities and people with physical and mental health conditions.

Jen is committed to raising awareness of autism, and believes that everybody can benefit from having more understanding of the condition.