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Autism & Aspergers Training and Consultancy for Employers

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services for employers who are interested in finding out how autistic people can give them a competitive edge and/or need help and support to manage autistic employees to best effect.

  • Initial discussions to help you work out where you need extra help that might suit an autistic person.
  • Support in making recruitment processes more autism friendly
  • Work place assessments to discover the simple strategies that need to be in place to help the autistic person work efficiently and effectively.
  • Training for both staff and autistic employees
  • Mentoring services

Some of these are described in more detail below. Be aware that autistic people have just as wide a range of abilities and interests as everybody else. They are not just suited to IT and admin roles.

Workplace assessments

  • Initial evaluation of the situation by speaking to both the employee and employer separately, in order to hear both views.
  • Meeting to discuss immediate reasonable adjustments with the employer. (The employee may attend this meeting as well, depending on circumstances).
  • Assessment of sensory and other autistic issues (informal)
  • Written report detailing the findings of the assessments
  • Recommendations for reasonable adjustments and further interventions.

Training for Managers and Colleagues

This will normally take place at the workplace. We offer the following options:

Autism Understanding Training

Aimed at line managers and colleagues who work closely with the employee. This session is limited to a maximum of 12 people.

Autism Awareness Training

  • Aimed at all members of staff who come into regular contact with the employee.
  • Understand how those with autism prefer to interact.
  • Meeting half way during social interaction.

Maximum numbers of people will depend on requirements. Can be delivered as a lecture.

Training for the Employee

Social Skills Training (for up to 6 people)

  • Helping the employee to understand how autism affects them in particular
  • Understanding how the rest of the world conducts social interaction.
  • Examination of different ways of thinking and and evaluation of executive functioning are included. We proved exercises and aids in order improve areas of weakness and look at how strengths can be used to mitigate weaknesses.

Sensory issues, along with other issues such as different ways of thinking, prevent autistic people from interacting socially just like everyone else. Our social skills training helps to improve the situation considerably.

It should be noted that this training does not remove the need to train managers and colleagues. Autistic people cannot be turned into “normal” people.

After Care Services/ Mentoring Services

  • Ongoing meetings to check that everything is going smoothly and to pick up any problems before they become an issue. We recommend that this takes place once a month and involves both the employer and the employee.
  • Telephone and email support for the managers so that any ongoing issues can be dealt with without the need for further meetings.