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We are Autism and Cognitive Diversity Experts

Aspiedent is dedicated to helping businesses get the best out of their employees and to helping individuals understand themselves better. We provide practical strategies to make a positive difference to the individual, the workplace, educational settings and society in general.

We also empower businesses to provide supportive environments by embracing cognitive diversity and teaching a cognitively diverse workforce how to communicate with people who think differently to them more effectively, whether or not they have a diagnosable condition.

There is a wide range of different thinking styles within the general population and accommodating these effectively makes it easier to accommodate those with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, or other related condition. 'AWEsome' is what we call an 'Adjustable Working Environment'.

This is achieved via the application of our innovative Integrative Cognitive Profiling Framework, which is a tool for creating an individual 'integrative cognitive profile'. This profile identifies and explores interactions between the various factors that make up the cognition of an individual.

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Understand autism and you understand the cognitive diversity of all of humanity.