Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a video of our Director Dr Elizabeth Guest answering some of our frequently asked questions. Many relate to our aspergers work related services and neurodiversity in the workplace. See below for shorter videos answering the questions individually.

What is the difference between Autism and Aspergers?

What’s the difference between high functioning & low functioning autism?

Aren’t all autistic people like rain man?

What then puts somebody on the spectrum?

Why does my staff member say they can do something and then not do it?

Isn’t everyone a little autistic then?

Is it true that autistic people can’t work in customer facing roles?

Does a person need a diagnosis before you can do a workplace assessment?

How do I give autistic people a good experience applying for my company?

How do I explain to other staff members why and how they should accommodate a co-worker with autism?

How do you work with HR Managers and other companies?

Why is it often better for the affected member of staff to call us in?

If you have any questions we have not answered here, please get in touch at or fill in a contact us form.