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Helping you improve profitability, productivity and working lives through good diversity management.

We provide services for good managers dealing with autism in the workplace or other related conditions. If you are an employee with high functioning autism or forms of neurodiversity such as dyspraxia, ADHD, or OCD, then we can improve your work life via a workplace assessment and/or appropriate training.


“The training delivered by Aspiedent was very well received by colleagues at all levels at Yorkshire Water. Elizabeth was fantastic at getting across the way in which autistic employees may feel, think and act within the work place. The training was interactive and gave employees a chance to ask as many questions as they wanted. We have had great feedback from employees that the training was fascinating and insightful. This training will be an integral part of Yorkshire Water's diversity and inclusive strategy to open its doors to a diverse pool of talent.”

Talent Advisor
Yorkshire Water

"I would like to say the course was inspirational and clearly and confidently spoken. I feel admiration for Elizabeth so thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings and how you cope to the best of your ability with day to day life and living with autism."

Support Worker
Mayfield Trust

About Us

Aspiedent has been in business since 2014. Established by Dr Elizabeth Guest  (BSc, PhD, PGCHE), she was soon joined by Operations Manager and HR Practioner Jen Blacow. Both have one goal in mind: to make a positive difference to the world of work for all. Both Elizabeth and Jen happen to be disabled. Elizabeth has autism, dyslexia, and ADHD; Jen has OCD. We understand the issues that simple misunderstandings (on both sides) can cause.

Both Dr Guest and Jen work with autistic people and people with neurodiversity. Our experiences and expertise help take the fear or stress out of managing autistic or neurodivergent employees.

Our social enterprise is the only autism training & consultancy service that can teach employers about this fascinating tool we have developed to not only model Asperger traits, but model how any individual thinks and perceives the world.

Having this tool will mean that you can better manage a variety of neurodivergent individuals, with a variety of traits, without needing further input from specialists. This will ultimatley have a positive impact on your profit.

As a business owner, Dr Guest understands your challenges and will suggest positive changes to your employment practices which are reasonable to implement.

Join us in our vision is to break down barriers and build bridges between diverse people in organisations. Our innovative methods of helping people understand themselves and others around them, so that they get on better at work and in life, are our key assets.

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What does ‘Aspiedent’ mean?

Let’s face it. We’ve all met somebody who is a little bit odd.

Like Yohan from the office, who never says good morning to anybody but say the wrong thing and he’ll tell you all about his collection of bearded dragons (for an hour).

Or your newest team member, Kate, who doesn’t get jokes but has everyone else in stitches saying exactly what she thinks, even if it is highly offensive.

Contrary to what some might think, these oddballs are usually not insensitive people with no social communication skills. They could be autistic. Or ‘Aspies’, as otherwise known by some people who have autism or know what aspergers is. 

And the truth is, they probably think that you are pretty odd, too.

The term ‘Aspiedent’ is derived from the notion of ‘Aspie Incidents’. These are often simple and sometimes comical misunderstandings between autistic and non-autistic people

We use cartoons in our autism training to demonstrate the social mishaps that can occur between people when there is autism involved.

How are you cartoon


The ‘dent’ in Aspiedent also denotes denting the stereotypes of Autism often perpetuated by the media.

In reality, most autistic people are not mute mathematical geniuses like in the film rain-man, or loveable nerdy scientists like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

Social misunderstandings can and do cause real tension among colleagues and can be resolved simply through a better understanding of how yourself and your colleagues think about and perceive the world.

That’s where Aspiedent comes in. A summary of our services is below.