Autism Understanding Training for Managers and Staff

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What is “Normal” anyway?

Many have wondered if they, or someone they work with, could have autism or aspergers. Maybe you are autistic, but you have never been diagnosed. Maybe not.

It could be that a colleague has been bothering you and you just can’t understand why they do the things they do. It could be that they have been displaying aspergers traits.

Or perhaps you have just landed the job of arranging some autism training for your company. Either way, you are in the right place.

Understanding Autistic in the workplace is not as complicated as you might think.

Aspiedent Understanding Autism Training for Managers and Staff is easy to organise and is adapted specifically to your needs. It quickly gets across the issues associated with autism and increases understanding.

As well as a far better understanding of working with people with autism, it is common for each staff member to take away from Aspiedent’s Autism Training something personal to them. This could include a better understanding of a friend or a colleague, and often themselves.

Our Autism Training is autism-led, designed and delivered by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE) who is autistic. It is underpinned by a unique tool which Dr Guest has developed through extensive research, her work with autistic adults and her experience of being a person with autism.

Best of all, this tool and therefore Aspiedent’s Autism Training works for understanding everybody, Autistic or not.

Ensuring staff feel less fearful and look forward to working with autistic people, and managers feel comfortable and get the best out of autistic staff is what we excel at.

Don’t be square

When engaging Aspiedent, you know your organisation will receive the most up to date Autism Training that is available on the market.

We are not shy about the fact that we are the only Autism Training Company we know of who are autism-led, research-based, and actively working with autistic people.

And like you, we are certainly not “normal”.

But don't worry. We are very friendly and approachable, and we like people. We offer a genuinely personal, flexible service. We work with you to work out the best structure for the training, and ensuring things are organised properly.

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