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Inclusive Recruitment for Autism and Neurodiversity: Training

We can teach you how to better align your recruitment practices to embrace people with autism or neurodiversity. This is a vital step should you wish to promote true diversity and inclusion at your company.

The Inclusive Recruitment Practices for Autism & Neurodiversity Training is designed and delivered by autistic Managing Director, autism expert, and trusted realist Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE).

We will teach you the do’s and don’ts of inclusive recruitment, current trends in research and how to avoid indirect discrimination against people with autism, aspergers or neurdiversity conditions.

Where relevant we will inform you of the outcome of relevant employment tribunals. For example did you know that there was a tribunal case that ruled that psychometric testing is discriminatory against autistic job applicants? We can tell you why this is the case.

We are an autism-led organisation. This means that we dispel the myths and reduce the fear of the unknown by sharing our personal stories. We can give you an honest view of the benefits of employing people with autism and the benefits of diversity so that you find it easier to get all departments enthusiastic about cultivating a neurodiverse workplace.

Aspiedent is unique in that it works with autistic and neurodiverse adults on a regular basis. We can share autistic views on popular recruitment practices and tell you about more inclusive ways of attracting new talent to your company that is evidence-based.

Although we do not provide autistic or neurodiverse employees, we have links to organisations who can. We act as a bridge between autistic people and the world of work. We can teach you how to have a higher chance of applications from people who think differently.

The training can be specifically adapted to your needs, meaning you will not have to think too hard about how to apply generic recruitment practices to your organisation.

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