An Insight into Neurodiversity Understanding Training

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Neurodiversity Understanding Training Part 1

The Neurodiversity Training part 1 will give you an introduction to our exclusive Neurodiversity profiling tool. This tool is completely unique as we have invented it, therefore giving you a serious competitive edge.

This Neurodiversity tool was developed from our autism research but applies to everybody, meaning all staff will learn something about the particular ways in which they think and perceive the world. It will help them gain a better understanding about the various ways in which people think. They will start to be able to start to identify colleagues who think in different ways.

This means that if you have people with diagnosed neurodiverse conditions in the workplace, they will benefit from the training without having to be singled out.

Note that to be able to fully understand and apply our profiling tool will take at least a further 9 hours of training, depending on your requirements.

Neurodiversity Understanding Training Part 2

The second part of the training will look at how the profiling tool relates to  and can be applied to various conditions associated with neurodiversity such as autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and OCD.

There will be case studies for you to analyse, so that you can start to apply your new understanding with Dr Elizabeth Guest’s help and begin to work towards finding appropriate accommodations or reasonable adjustments for each condition.

Finally, if needed we will then teach you about Access to Work which is a government department responsible for supporting employers and employees with all kinds of disabilities, including supporting employees who have mental health conditions.

You will get insight into how to use the service that is not easily found elsewhere. With this you can then make the most out of the service – in turn increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and making life easier for managers.

Neurodiversity Understanding Training is delivered by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE) who is autistic. Dr Guest has a strong research background and has a university level teaching qualification. The content of the training is developed by Dr Guest meaning that it won’t be found anywhere else – giving you a competitive advantage and providing solutions which other services such as occupational health are not equipped to deal with.

This training is done over 6 hours, usually 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. However we are always happy to discuss ways of fitting in with the needs of your business.

Full training on our profiling tool (a further 9 hours of training)

The benefit of understanding this tool is that you are then continually equipped to better understand and look after your staff and understand diversity. Importantly, it will also enlighten you as to why problems may occur in the workplace or teams may not gel and help you find solutions to teams not working together well due to different ways of thinking.

The training will then teach you how to apply the profiling tool in your organisation. This means that you will be able to repeatedly apply it to the people in your organisation to solve HR issues, find more productive ways of working and promote genuine diversity and inclusion which everybody can relate to.

There will be case studies for you to analyse, meaning that you can practice your sensory cognitive profile skills with Dr Elizabeth Guest’s help and begin to work towards finding appropriate accomodations or reasonable adjustments for each condition.

This will be extremely valuable to managers who are responsible for supporting employees with neurodiverse conditions.

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