Problems with an Employee?

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You’ve exhausted all your options and you don’t know what else to do.

Julie is a good, competent manager but she is stressed out. Relationships have broken down between the whole team and one employee, Fliss, who has aspergers and anxiety. Julie spends more time than she should dealing with the fallout and needs support in working with autism and managing aspergers in the workplace.

Paul has tried everything he can think of to get his hard-working trainee solicitor, Shaun, to understand one important aspect of his job. He has struggled to find appropriate help in how to communicate with someone who has aspergers traits. He fears there are no more options left. He also suspects that a long-standing employee with mental health issues needs some specific accommodations or reasonable adjustments, but is not sure where to begin.

Aspiedent Workplace Assessments

Aspiedent’s approach quickly dissolve the stress of these types of circumstances. They help both managers and employees feel at ease and able to take control of the situation.

Our Autism Workplace Assessment service provides a sensory profile and a cognitive profile (among other things) of the employee. Similarly, our Neurodiversity Workplace Assessments provide an in depth profile of the employee. This means that the resulting accommodations or reasonable adjustments we recommend solve the problems meaning that everybody can move forward.

Aspiedent's approach is underpinned by a unique system which is used not only to explain autism and neurodiversity, but everybody in general.

It equips Julie and Paul with the tools to resolve the issues with Fliss and Shaun. They are pleased to find that the tools can be used with other employees too.

Unique Insights

It is no secret that having neurodiversity in the workplace without understanding it can be difficult.

Aspiedent is a neurodiverse organisation and genuinely understands the challenges that neurodiversity can present to staff and managers. You will not be judged. Our Workplace Assessments are delivered by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE) who is autistic and one of the top autism experts.

Enjoy a flexible, bespoke, and focused approach and be provided with the attention you need in the circumstances.

We can help you make a positive difference to the situation.

Contact us now for confidential advice.


“Interesting and helps with awareness of issues, understanding and tolerance.”


“Relaxed, informative, well-delivered.”

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