Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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You might find it very difficult to achieve real diversity and inclusion in the workplace if you don’t really understand what it is.

Neurodiversity is also often overlooked when it is arguably one of the most important forms of diversity.

While there is no official definition of neurodiversity, for us, neurodiverse people are simply people who think and perceive the world in a different way to what is considered the ‘norm’.

There may be many reasons why you want to promote diversity and inclusion in your company. Perhaps you have a personal connection and can see the benefits of increasing diversity, or you need to demonstrate your commitment in practice. You could have a problem with an employee who does not fit in to your organisation.

Either way, you are in the right place.

Say yes to clear, authoritative education and a helping hand getting your colleagues on board with understanding diversity.

Our exclusive tool to categorise neurodiversity in the workplace underpins all our services. It helps you move towards diversity friendly recruitment and working practices.

Our trainer Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE) is an autistic genius and works with neurodiverse adults on a regular basis. As a company Director running her own business, she understands the challenges managers face daily and the barriers to achieving inclusion and diversity.

Knowing you are doing the right thing feels good.

A smart investment, all Aspiedent Autism and Neurodiversity Training is research-led and entirely bespoke depending on your needs. Enjoy the challenge of becoming more inclusive and diverse rather than not being sure whether you are doing the right things.

We show how neurodiversity relates to everybody, therefore getting all colleagues on board during staff training and reducing the fear. Aspiedent’s Understanding Training ticks all boxes, but at the same time ensures that you are doing it properly, gaining a genuine understanding and equipping yourself to breed true inclusion and diversity.

Understanding, not awareness.

Unlike other training, we teach you how to get to the root of the differences in order to understand how any given  individual ticks.

Understanding will help you to continuously develop strategies, including attracting more suitable job applicants and using the power of diversity to be more productive.

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“More understanding with individuals as well as awareness of own behaviours.”

Customer Team Manager

“More awareness of people’s traits and how this affects their way of working."

Assistant Manager

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