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There is a simple reason why your employers are not understanding you.

You know that your managers do not really understand you. Your colleagues probably don’t either. It could be that you don't understand yourself or your managers properly. This could be making your work environment very uncomfortable. Perhaps you are feeling discriminated against when applying for promotion or during performance appraisal processes.

Imagine if your employers were equipped to handle you in a different way which would work for you. Imagine how much things would improve if your barriers to being as productive as you can be and barriers to career progression were reduced through more understanding and acceptance of autism and neurodiversity.

Feeling less stressed, enjoying better health and wellbeing at work and living an improved home life are all benefits of a targeted approach to your autistic or neurodiversity issues.

Autism-led Workplace Assessments

Aspiedent’s Workplace Assessments get to the bottom of workplace issues quickly. Our (autistic) Director and Trainer Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE) has struggled in professional environments because of her autism and neurodiversity, meaning that she can say ‘we’ instead of ‘you’. The underlying issues are usually surprisingly simple misunderstandings.

Dr Guest is an expert in autism and neurodiversity and does not conduct standard ‘tick box’ assessments or medical assessments. Consider the differences between our Workplace Assessments and Occupational Health Assessments.

Problem solving

The key to success of the workplace assessment is that we take the time to understand how you tick. Whether it is Aspergers, Dyspraxia, or OCD issues at work, it is worth getting in touch to see if we can help with your situation.

In fact, the autism profiling tool which underpins our assessment framework will help you develop a better understanding of yourself, autistic or not. You do not have to fear being judged or at risk for telling us exactly how you feel.

Misunderstandings and lack of clarity on behalf of you or your managers wastes time and helps nobody. Solving these issues with a Workplace Assessment will give you a clearer way forward and could increase your chances of a promotion.

Choose Aspiedent

The Workplace Assessment will be adapted to suit your individual needs as well as being impartial so that you and your managers can take the advice on board.

Contact us now for more information or to discuss a Workplace Assessment.


"Helped me to gain a better understanding of my ASD. Helped to identify my own sensory problems."

Autistic adult

It has helped me look at my difficulties from different angles – this is useful insight.

Autistic adult

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