Mental Health Practitioners Training


Calling all mental health professionals in the West Yorkshire area

Between 10 am and 1.30 pm on Monday 13th September, Aspiedent CIC will be holding a comprehensive and in-depth training session for counsellors, therapists, and life coaches, about Autism & Neurodiversity.

The training is for people interested in autism & neurodiversity concerning their therapy, counselling, or coaching practice. It is also those working with autistic or neurodiverse clients to gain an extensive understanding of the topic. 

It is an opportunity to begin learning everything you need to know about autism to aid your journey in helping clients presenting with autism or neurodiversity.

The cost is £150 for one place. This cost includes 3.5 hours of training, parking, refreshments, and training packs. By attending this full-length training event, you will be supporting Aspiedent CIC's work helping disadvantaged autistic people.

Aspiedent CIC is a not-for-profit organisation. All profit goes towards our work helping disadvantaged autistic adults find meaningful employment and live happier, more fulfilled lives.


General outcomes of this training include:

  • Autism becoming easier for mental health professionals to work with
  • Being able to understand and communicate better with autistic clients
  • Demystification of autism, helping make it straightforward to deal with
  • Getting behind outward 'autistic symptoms' to the underlying issues, meaning that the training very effectively helps people fully understand autism
  • Encouragement of acceptance of differences in ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving the world. Sessions are then better tailored to individuals.
  • Timesaving, by helping avoid lengthy assessment periods and stress associated with problems caused by simple misunderstandings between client and professional.
  • Better outcomes for both client and mental health professional

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Date: Monday 13th September 2021

Time: 10am - 1.30pm

Location: Large meeting room, Bradford Chamber Business Park, New Lane, Laisterdyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 8BX.


Contact Information

Name: Jen Blacow

Phone: 07717 404846


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